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In addition to being  a Certified Landscape Lighting Installation Contractor for KICHLER, we are pleased to announce that we have received formal Landscape Lighting Design, Product Technician and Luxor Controller Certification from FXLuminaire.

This (California based) manufacturer of Landscape Lighting Fixtures and equipment have some AMAZING new products, one of which is their Luxor Controller. This along with a variety of (ZDC compatible) landscape lighting fixtures provides you with the unique ability to organize your landscape lighting fixtures independently or by “Group” or “Zone”. You also have the ability to “Dim” individual or groups of lights in order to create the exact mood you are looking for in the areas you want and at the times of your choosing.

If that wasn’t enough… you also have the unique ability to change the “Colour” of individual or groups of landscape lighting fixtures in order to create a personalized theme that can tie-in with calendar events such as Canada Day, Halloween or Christmas. You can even customize your own themes to include Birthdays, Anniversaries or even your favourite Sports Team (and that would definitely be the Edmonton Oilers) or major Sporting Event.

There are literally no limits to the types of themes you can create, as you have access to 30,000 colours to choose from!

And the BEST part… you have FULL CONTROL via your personal communication device, such as your cell phone or tablet. Controlling your Landscape Lighting System has NEVER been so EASY!

When LUXOR controls an LED Landscape Lighting System, lights don’t simply turn ON and OFF… They Come ALIVE!

Check out the unique features of this controller by visiting https://www.fxl.com/luxor-2

Already have an existing Landscape Lighting System? That’s not a problem, as this Controller has the ability to interface with your existing landscape lighting fixtures, no matter what the brand. All that’s required is to change out the existing drop-in bulbs with “FX Luminaire ZDC” (Zoning, Dimming & Colour) compatible (drop-in) bulbs, install a Luxor Cube and program the new controller… and Away You Go!

If you would like to obtain more information about this AMAZING product or if you would like to schedule a Landscape Lighting Design Consultation with us… we would LOVE to hear from you!

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