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If you consider yourself handy, we can still help you!
DIY Options 1

Consider Yourself Handy?

If so, then maybe you would prefer to purchase the necessary Landscape Lighting Fixtures, Equipment, Accessories and Installation Supplies from us and install the system yourself? 

By doing so you would leverage off of our bulk purchasing power, but you would save on the cost of the installation!

Now that’s a… WIN, WIN!!!

Consider yourself HANDY BUT… you need some HELP creating a Professional Landscape Lighting Design?

That’s not a problem either, we have created a couple of DIY OPTIONS for you to select from.

DIY Option #1

PROVIDE us with a list of (Kichler or FXLuminaire) Landscape Lighting Fixtures, Transformer(s), Wire, Accessories and Installation Supplies and we will provide you with a PACKAGE PRICE that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

DIY Options 2
DIY Options 3

DIY Option #2

SEND US Photos and a Plot Plan (if you have one) of the area or areas you would like to illuminate and we will create a Professional Landscape Lighting Design for you! 

WE WILL specify the type (which is critically important) and quantity of Landscape Lighting Fixtures, Size and Type of Transformer/Controller, Size and Length of Wire, Accessories and all of the Installation Supplies that you will need in order to complete your Landscape Lighting Project.

THE COST for this service (based on an average size city lot) is $495 (plus GST).

Please note: DIY OPTION #2 is only available in combination with DIY OPTION #1. Upon request, we would be happy to provide individual pricing for larger or more complex Landscape Lighting Projects.

DIY Add-on

Professional (One-On-One) Coaching

CONSIDER YOURSELF HANDY BUT… you need to tap into the expertise and years of experience of a Professional Landscape Lighting Installation Contractor? 

That’s not a problem either!

WE WILL provide you with (up to) One (1) Hour of Professional (One-On-One) Coaching and walk you through the installation process. During this time, we will provide you with a variety of “Tips and Tricks” that will make the installation easy and ensure that your Landscape Lighting System will continue to perform for many years to come!

THE COST for this service is $145 (plus GST).

Please note: this service is offered via telephone or video conferencing services such as FaceTime or Google Duo.

DIY Options 4
DIY Options 5

Interested In One of Our DIY Options?

All you need to do is provide us with a list of services required by filling out and submitting our PRODUCT ORDER FORM.

Once the PRODUCT ORDER FORM has been received and the order has been filled, we will prepare the package and ship it directly to you.

It’s really… that simple!

Disclaimer: The above listed Options are only offered to “Residential Home Owners”

Payment Terms

Full payment for Professional Landscape Lighting Design Services and Professional (One-on-One) Coaching Services is required at time of booking the service or combination of services.

A 50% deposit is required at time of placing an order for all Landscape Lighting Fixtures, Transformers/Controllers, Equipment, Accessories and Installation Supplies with the balance due and payable prior to shipping. 

Please note: most product orders are ready to ship within 7 business days, but some fixtures and equipment may take longer depending on availability. All shipments will be forwarded as CoD (collect on delivery).

We accept E-Transfers and Personal or Company Cheques for payment.

DIY Options Order Form

If you are interested in our DIY Options, please fill out the form below!

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