Techniques and Effects

We possess the “artistic skill” and professional experience required to expose the abundance of colours and textures that exist in your outdoor space.
Techniques and Effects 1

The Landscape Lighting Company was created with the primary focus of providing professional Design, Installation and Maintenance Services specifically dedicated to the Landscape & Architectural Lighting industry. 

We strive to provide our customers with a positive experience through our value-based, client-centred approach, and we commit to revolutionizing the exterior lighting industry by delivering a consistent standard and quality of service that is unmatched and the envy of our competitors.

Watch your Outdoor Space transform itself as you progress from Season to Season!

During the Design Phase we are very cautious and extremely selective with respect to the type and number of light fixtures we install, and how we strategically position them in order to provide the most Amazing Effects!

In order to “shed some light” on the subject of Landscape Lighting, we elected to break down the different Landscape Lighting Techniques we utilize and the multitude of Lighting Effects each one will produce.

The last thing The Landscape Lighting Company wants to do is turn your outdoor space into a “Coney Island Theme Park.”


Accent Lights are strategically positioned from the object to be illuminated such as a tree, shrub or structure. By doing so we are able to illuminate tree trunks, branches and leaves. Sometimes we elect to install the flood light further up the structure or tree trunk. By doing so we can bring the upper half of a tree or stand of trees to life, leaving the bottom half in darkness. This technique is specifically useful when a larger tree or stand of trees extends well above other trees or shrubs that are located directly in front. By implementing this technique, it really adds some additional “dimension” (height) to the illuminated outdoor space.


We strategically install Accent Lights on structures or trees, and we do so further up and point them down towards the ground. By incorporating this technique, we are able to illuminate the tree trunk and branches beneath, but in doing so we are able to create some really cool “shadowing” effects on the ground below. The shadows further enhance the overall “ambience” and “mood” of the outdoor space. Casting light downwards will also provide illumination for the area directly below, which is great for making certain areas safer to navigate, such as patios, walkways and driveways. Down lighting will also help to improve security, as it will act as a deterrent for some uninvited guests.

Path & Spread Lighting

By strategically locating “Path” and “Spread” Landscape Lighting Fixtures we are able to illuminate areas such as Sidewalks, Driveways and outcroppings of Plants. At The Landscape Lighting Company, we elect not to use too many of these types of fixtures, as there is a tendency (by some) to “over use them”. This typically results in over illumination and a Landscape Lighting Design that looks “amateur”, and one that doesn’t look overly appealing.

At The Landscape Lighting Company, we prefer to utilize other Landscape Lighting Techniques such as “Down Lighting” or “Hardscape Lighting” in order to achieve the same objective. By doing so, we not only achieve the objective of illuminating the desired areas, but we create a multitude of effects such as “Shadowing” and “Silhouetting” in the process. Once again, this lighting technique further enhances the overall “ambience” and “mood” of the outdoor space, compared to that of “over lighting” which tends to look more like a “theme park” or outdoor stadium.

“Projected Lighting Design” Path/Spread Lights

These truly elegant, very unique and extremely durable “Industrial (used in marine and aerospace industries) Strength Aluminum” Path/Spread Lights provide illumination, while projecting a variety of soft shaddows across walkways, driveways and tree/shrub beds. They are available in three different designs. 1. Akemi. 2. Urban. 3. Willow and they are not available in any of the “Big Box Do-It Yourself Hardware Stores”.

The Landscape Lighting Company is an authorized distributor for the (made in Canada eh) manufacturer, Projected Lighting Designs Inc.

Cross Lighting

We strategically position Accent Lights on either side of a Tree or Structure in order to create two (intersecting) beams of light. By utilizing this technique, we are able to illuminate the Tree or Structure on a much larger scale than could otherwise be achieved with a single (overpowering) light fixture.

Grazing & Wall Wash Lighting

We incorporate this technique when we are looking to illuminate and showcase certain “architectural” features of a home such as Walls, Pillars and Columns. This type of Lighting Technique adds both “depth” and “dimension” in the process. This particular technique works extremely well on surfaces such as Brick, Stucco and Natural Stone, because it not only illuminates the surface but it will create some really cool “shadowing” effects that will result in more of a “textured” look.


By selecting the correct light fixtures and carefully choosing where they are positioned, we have the ability to create “shadows” of the object or series of objects that are being illuminated. The shadows are cast on structures such as Walls behind the object or objects being illuminated. This technique further enhances and provides some additional “dimension” to the outdoor space.


We have the ability to draw attention to a specific object or shape of a unique object by illuminating the area located directly behind, instead of directly in front. By doing so, we create a “silhouette” of the object or objects on the structure behind, such as walls.

Mirror Lighting

In order to implement this particular lighting technique, we need a body of water to work with such as a Pond or Lake. As a result of “backlighting” an area directly behind a specific landscape feature or vegetation such as trees, we are able to create a reflection of the object or group of objects on the surface of the water. This type of lighting technique improves the “ambience” and creates a “calming” effect, further improving the overall (after the sun goes down) experience in your outdoor space.

Moon Lighting

We achieve this particular lighting technique by strategically locating Accent Lights higher up and within the canopy of a tree. The light is directed downwards and illuminates the Branches, Leaves and Needles (in the case of coniferous trees), much like a full moon radiating and casting the light on everything it touches below.

In-Ground Lighting

In-Ground Lighting is a great way to illuminate fixed structures such as Walls, Pillars, Columns and Address Feature Boulders. We have the ability to create many different lighting effects depending on how close we position the fixture or series of fixtures to a particular object or structure.

Underwater & Water Accent Lighting

Installing (submersible type only) accent lights in Ponds and Water Features will further enhance the look of the water feature as it will bring the feature to life. It will also create a “mirror effect” on bodies of water that are still, further enhancing the overall “ambience” and “calming effect” the sound of flowing water will provide.

Hardscape Lighting

We utilize this particular technique in order to illuminate certain hardscape features such as Feature BouldersRetaining Walls and Structures. Hardscape or Ledge Lights are strategically positioned in order to illuminate hardscape features, with special care and attention to eliminate any “Blind Spots” (lights shining in your face or too close to the object being illuminated). We utilize ground cover such as Shrubs and Hardscape features to hide the glare from the lights as much as possible. 

At The Landscape Lighting Company, we promote the philosophy…

You Should NEVER See the Light… Only the EFFECT! ™

Deck & Patio Lighting

By mounting lights on posts, handrails and other areas such as the risers on access stairs, we are able to “accentuate” features of the deck or patio areas while improving Access, Safety and Security.

Architectural Lighting

This particular lighting technique is utilized to enhance the unique architecture, specific characteristics and construction materials used on a home. Accent lights are carefully positioned in an extended effort to not create any “blinding effects” or “hot spots” on the siding, brick or stucco. As a result of selecting the correct light fixtures for the desired lighting effect along with the careful positioning of the fixtures, this particular lighting technique will enhance the texture of the siding, stone or brick, as it tends to create shadows on uneven surfaces. This particular lighting technique will also add some “dimension” (height) to the property, making it more attractive and setting it apart from other properties on the street.

So as you can see, there are a multitude of Landscape Lighting Techniques that The Landscape Lighting Company can incorporate into all of our landscape lighting designs, all of which create a variety of different Artistic Effects. Some of which may have been obvious, and some of which may have not.

Contrary to popular belief and what manufacturers of certain products like to promote “ONE Light… Does NOT Fit All”

At The Landscape Lighting Company, we strongly believe… 

“In order to create a Landscape Lighting Design that will maximize every outdoor space experience, it is essential that careful implementation of the correct lighting techniques and selection of the appropriate lighting fixtures are incorporated”

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