Improve the Quality of Your Life with Landscape Lighting and Smart Home Automation Systems

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Let’s talk about Home Automation Systems and Landscape Lighting Automation.

Fact is… pretty much everything we do these days is controlled by some form of (smart) technology or another. We have apps on our portable devices such as cell phones and tablets that control or enhance many aspects of our daily lives. For instance, we can see who’s standing at the front door, even when we are not at home. We can arrange for a ride to the airport or order food from our favorite restaurant, and we can even watch as the driver navigates his or her way to our front door. How cool is that? We can purchase almost anything that we desire and have it delivered right to our doorstep, often within hours or only a few short days of placing the order. All of this, and it’s possible with a few simple prompts of your cell phone or tablet!

Interior Lighting and Landscape Lighting Automation is no different. With the advancement in technology you now have the ability to control your entire (both inside and out) Lighting System from your cell phone or tablet, and you can do this from pretty much anywhere in the world! There is one catch… you will need access to the internet to access home automation systems remotely.

There are a whole host of benefits associated with having total control and flexibility over the interior and exterior lighting of your home. Some of these benefits include…

Security – Home Automation Lighting is a great way to deter potential intruders. Fact is… Interior, Landscape and Accent Lighting makes a home look and feel more secure. You can use your Smart Home Automation System to control the illumination (dimmer) levels of certain lights, and you can even manage away and vacation settings. All of this provides the appearance that your home is occupied. As a result, it will provide you with the added security and peace of mind, and especially when you are many miles or even continents away!

Convenience and Flexibility – Our Smart Home Automation Systems provide you with full control and total flexibility over your Interior, Landscape and Accent Lights. As a result, residential lighting control systems can be scheduled to automatically turn on and off at pre-determined times. Alternatively, the Landscape and Accent Lights can be linked directly to your local weather network. Because they are tied directly into the local weather network they will make seasonal adjustments as the days become shorter or longer, which can be a BIG DEAL, and especially if you live north of the 49th Parallel!

Energy SavingsFact is… by incorporating LED technology, the cost to operate a Landscape Lighting System is (approx.) 80% cheaper than traditional lights. Couple the LED lighting technology with a Smart Home Automation System, it will provide you with an even greater energy savings!

Ambiance – With the advancement in LED technology and a Smart Home Automation System, you now have the option to establish “tones” or “moods” for different areas of your house or for special events such as “social gatherings”. Once again, you can use your wireless outdoor lighting control system, from your mobile device.

Let The Landscape Lighting Company show you how we can incorporate today’s smart outdoor lighting system technology and… Improve the Quality of Your Life!

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