Magrath Heights – Illuminated

Tony P

We are pleased to announce that we have just completed the installation and commissioning of a Landscape Lighting System for the community of Magrath Heights. This amazing community is tucked away in the southwest corner of the City, located South of 23 Avenue and East of Rabbit Hill Road.

The project consisted of illuminating two amazing water features and a stand of large (Deciduous and Coniferous) trees that are located directly behind the beautiful stone feature wall. The objective of the Home Owners Association was to enhance (after the sun goes down) the main entrance to this beautiful community, while providing added value to the residents that are proud to call it home. 

Prior to installing the Landscape Lighting System, everything (except for the Magrath sign) was cast into total darkness after the sun went down. But NOT anymore!

On this particular project we installed an #FXLuminaire Landscape Lighting System and specifically a #LUXOR Controller complete with compatible ZDC (Zoning, Dimming and Colour) Landscape Lighting Fixtures. The system is fully automated and will turn on just before sunset and turn itself off just after sunrise. The system is controlled by “Astronomical Timing”, so the time the lights go on and go off will be automatically adjusted as we progress from season to season. 

The really cool thing about this particular Landscape Lighting System… the Accent Lights will be pre-programmed to illuminate the trees and water features with a variety of different colours and at certain times of the year. That’s right… the system will be pre-programmed for special occasions and a variety of (calendar) events such as, but not necessarily limited to… Thanksgiving, Halloween, Remembrance Day, Christmas Holiday’s, St. Patrick’s Day and Canada Day, to name just a few of the special events that will be celebrated with (coloured) light throughout the course of the year! How magical is that!

Don’t forget to stop by and check out the (purple and orange) Halloween theme!

We would like to thank the Magrath Heights Home Owners Association for providing The Landscape Lighting Company with the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and unique ability of… “Creating Art with Light”.

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