Same Company (slightly) Different Name

Tony P

As a result of our decision to extend our Professional and Artistic Landscape Lighting Services to other parts of Western Canada, we thought this would be a great time to change our company name.

Effective February 17, 2022 the company officially changed its operating name from “The Edmonton Landscape Lighting Company” to “The Landscape Lighting Company”.

While we are proud to call Edmonton home, we elected to make the change because we did not want to offend anybody, and especially our wonderful neighbours to the south (Calgary) with the word “Edmonton” in our company name.

Can you imagine what our client’s neighbours would think if they engaged the services of an “EDMONTON” company? Now that could be a recipe for trouble!

To put things into perspective; when I emigrated from England in the early 1980’s I was quickly introduced to the fierce (hockey) rivalry between the Oilers and the Flames.

For those of you that were not around to witness the rivalry… it was CRAZY COMPETATIVE and you literally took your life into your own hands when you visited the opposing city!

Our pledge to you…

If you engage the services of The Landscape Lighting Company… we PROMISE not to tell your NEIGHBOURS that we are from EDMONTON!

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