The Benefits of Incorporating a FXLuminaire LUXOR Controller into Your Landscape Lighting System

Tony P

Unlike MOST Landscape Lighting Transformers, you do NOT have the ability to control the INTENSITY of the light, split them up into specific GROUPS or ZONES and you most definitely do NOT have the ability to CHANGE the COLOUR of your Landscape Lights.

With the addition of a LUXOR Controller… ALL of that has now become a total REALITY!

As FXLuminaire’s premium lighting control option, LUXOR is the most technologically advanced and flexible low-voltage landscape lighting controller on the market. The controller incorporates “ZDC” (Zoning, Dimming and Colour) technology, providing you with the ability to create a vast array of Landscape and Architectural Lighting Effects.

If you would like to obtain more information about this AMAZING Landscape Lighting Controller you should check out the video

When LUXOR controls an LED Landscape Lighting System, lights don’t simply turn ON and OFF… They Come ALIVE!

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